Userspace libraries for the BeagleBone Black

The number of ARM Linux boards is staggering. So is the number of people who are new to them. Actually the whole maker movement is gaining a lot of traction.
Most people start out with the Arduino, because of its simplicity, price, excellent documentation on the site as well as the quantity and quality of projects that have been done using the same. So all in all, the Arduino is the newbies de facto entry point.
A lot many projects have been started to make it easier to start embedded Linux development. Ours is a similar effort.

The project proposes to build a set of Arduino-like libraries for development on the BeagleBone Black. The libraries will be available inside of the familiar Arduino IDE( to be particular in the Energia IDE) . Also, we intend to work on various communication interfaces which will allows us to upload, execute and fetch the results of the code.
Look here for more details on that

The major objectives that we have in mind are:

  • Get the code for GPIO, I2C, PWM, SPI, ADC and Serial to work on the BeagleBone Black, as is. For example, it means a analogRead on a compatible pin on the BBB should work just like it would on the Arduino
  • Ensure multiple methods of communication between the IDE and the board
  • Ensure that enough documentation is there for someone to get started. It would mean creating or making things compatible to existing wikis.

Parav Nagarsheth and I will be working under David Anders as well as Andrew Bradford and Matt Porter.
All of us can be found at #userspace-arduino on Freenode.

Follow us on GitHub
Project blog

I’ll be uploading a video with our objectives in detail soon enough.
Cheers till then !


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