Week #3 Cleanup and Bacon board demos

Last week was the 3 week at GSoC ’13.

Most of the week was spent on clean up of the existing code that I had written for the sysfs functions. Apart from that I also added the set_direction pin for GPIO.
The second major thing was adding error control to the existing functions.


After this, we started working on demos for the Bacon board. hatguy whipped up a demo for the user button on the board, whereas I am working on the 7 segment LED. Arduino has a library for 7 segment LEDs, which we will adhere to, and there are a few demo scripts for Beacon board too. This requires device tree overlays, as this 2 of the 3 pins are not muxed as per required.

This week we will be working on getting more demos for the Bacon board, hatguy has already started working on the PWM for analog write (think RGB LEDs on the Bacon). I’d be most probably working on the ADC bit once I have 7 segment in the bag

Till next time !



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