Week #4 More bacon ! PWM and 7 segment this time

Last week was the 4th Week of GSoC ’13 at Beagleboard.org !

Just like the previous week, this week we were working on getting demos working for the Bacon Cape. We now have the PWM, the ADC and the shift register working.
Basically that means that you can display different colors on the RGB LED, use the slider to get analog values and use the 7 segment LED to display your favorite single digit number πŸ™‚ !

I started out with a little clean up of the previous weeks code and then went on to tackle the 7 segment bit. It was fairly easy as prpplague had already got the shift_out in place. Some of the useful bits were found in the Danger cape demo (an Arduino shield similar to the Bacon Cape) from Sparkfun. Apart from that panto has written a neat bash script to test all the features of the Bacon.
Using that script, the next thing I tackled was the PWMs (well I had said that I’d be doing ADC and hatguy would be doing PWM in my previous post, but then later on we traded our to dos). So I added 2 new functions, one the pwm_export function to load the PWM pins from init(). The other one was the analogWrite function in wiring_analog. It was a slight headache to get all the pins right ( the port pins, the pwm_pins, the ones from gpioDescription, the Arduino pins, etc etc).

So now you can try out 2 demos from the examples/ directory to test out stuff
7 segment

Apart from that hatguy and prpplague got the ADC working. Also, prpplague tested some of our code on the Minnowboard and it worked fine ! So that’s a good indication that our code is generic enough and will support loads of other devices in the future.

This week we will be working on clean up and testing mostly. A lot needs to be straightened out. Some demos work as is for some people while some of the mentors are having trouble getting them to work. So we will be working on getting all the documentation right. mdp and bradfa will be helping us out with this part a lot. Me and Parav are already getting a lot of feedback from all 3 mentors about the stuff that’s already up, and this week we’ll be working on getting some more and straightening out the wiki, etc

All in all, a good week πŸ™‚
Till next time !


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