Week #5 Video(finally), wiki and more functions

The past week was the 5th week at GSoC !

This week I finally got done with the video

It’s a bit long and the quality is crappy, but I guess I’ll make one more soon enough and will probably have better quality.

The week started with cleanup in preparation for the mid term evaluations next week. That mostly included moving things around.

Apart from that I organized the wiki this week. Created a category for Userspace Arduino and we have 3 wiki pages now, instead of one.





The libraries wiki needed a lot of work initially but now the initial setup is done and won’t change much. We are going to be providing links to arduino.cc in case of functions whose implementation hasn’t changed (stuff like delay, etc) and we’d be providing an on page reference for functions whose implementation is BBB specific (analogRead, etc)

Once I had the functions listed on the wiki ( in color, mind you 😉 ), I started working on the some of the VERY simple ones. Stuff like bit manipulation, min, max, map(), etc.

So basically, video+clean up+wiki+some minor functions this week.

This week onwards we’ll get on to some of the big stuff like Serial, I2C etc. There is already a lot of talk going on how to go about implementing these on the IRC.

Cheers till next time !


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