Week #1 – Hardware, read/write sysfs entries and shell scripting

17th to 23rd June was the first week of GSoC.
This week I have been working on setting up a script to compile, upload and execute code over ssh to the BBB.
Apart from that, I wrote some basic C code for reading and writing values to /sys/class/ entries
Raw code is here
I haven’t yet pushed it anywhere, because I am still trying it out on various entries in /sys/ . That will be on the agenda for this week.

This week I received all the hardware that I need to get started with for my work with the arduino-like userspace libraries at BeagleBoard.org.
I’d like to shout-out to David Anders and the guys at CircuitCo for providing us with all the hardware to get going with this *awesome* project.
The fact that we are building a truly generic set of features for Embedded Linux boards inside the Energia ide is pretty mind-blowing, if you think of it. Any board (pcDuino, RaspberryPi, cubie, etc) could modify the work that we do and make it work for them ! So the same old Arduino-like environment will have a whole new plethora of ARM linux boards.
And I also received the GSoC welcome package ! Pretty classy diary Google 🙂 !

The green board is the Bacon cape, which is a really cool way to get started with the interfaces available on the BBB. The black board is the BeagleBone Black.


 Till next week !